Entry into LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS 2009 edition

The following were the claims made.

 1) I am Dr. Karri Rama Reddy, a psychiatrist practising at Rajahmundry, Andhra pradesh, India. I am the first and the only medical doctor to acquire two accredited masters degrees in computers (M.C.A. and M.Tech)  in the world.
2) Five professions with qualifications  in one man:
-A doctor with specialization in psychiatry
-A Computer Engineer
- A Lawyer
- A Management professional
- A Writer/Journalist
The Best out going student with 24 academic prizes or medals of a regular law college is a 54 yr. old medical doctor!
4) I am a columnist for more than a decade with no interruption for 3 daily news papers and a monthly magazine 

limca record certificate
limca 3 languages entry
haughty krr

Never dreamt. Never aspired. Never planned.

Just passion for studies pushed me into  Record Book and brought me the laurels.
News Papers covered this news with much enthusiasm.
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 Passed M.J. (Master of Journalism) and one LL.M. (Torts and Crimes) in 2009, another LL.M. (Cyber and intellectual property laws) and B.Ed. in 2010 and third LL.M. (Constitutional and Administrative laws) in 2011. Fourth LL.M. (Labour Laws) in 2013, Fifth LL.M. (Corporate and securities Laws) in 2015, Passed M.Ed. in 2012, B.L.I.Sc. in 2014, M.L.I.Sc. in 2016, M.S.W. in 2018, C.C.Y. in 2018, Ph.D. in Education in 2018, YIC in 2019, PGDY in 2019 and M.Com. in 2019, Ph.D. in Law in 2021 and two NPTEL certificate courses in Research and Biostatistics.

"Why studying still at this age? For Guinness Record?
"No, not for any records.  Guinness Book doesn't have a category on Education. Study is to enjoy the beauty of it and to rejuvenate the life."